About Henderson Hall

Where the past comes to life.

Henderson Hall is a living legacy to the pioneers and patriots who walked its halls through an unbroken chain of five generations.

The house, grounds and Henderson family cemetery is designated the Henderson Hall Historic District and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The 29-room perfectly preserved Victorian-era Italianate style River Road Henderson mansion, which stands on a terrace overlooking the Ohio River, was completed in 1859 using brick, stone and timber from the Henderson property.

The house was built by George Washington Henderson, the grandson of Scottish immigrants. His grandfather, Alexander, who settled in Fairfax, Va., was friend, neighbor and pew mate of George Washington. Indeed, it was Washington himself, a former surveyor, who encouraged the Henderson family in the late 18th century.

The Henderson legacy is a national treasure. Learn more at HendersonHall.org



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